20 is About to be Your New Favorite Number

Hate beicon-20-users-193pxing tied to your desk but fear stepping away and missing that important call you’ve been waiting for? We’ve been there, done that too – that’s why we’re making it possible for each Ooma Office user to answer calls coming in to your Ooma Office phone number not just on your desk phone, but on a remote phone number and a mobile phone too. Previously, setting yourself up on multiple devices meant you were taking up additional user spots (and we know those are precious!), so we’re making it possible to set each individual user up on multiple devices for the low price of only $9.99 a month, while also expanding each Office account to support up to 20 users.

While big businesses may be able to afford constant investments in new technology, that’s rarely the reality for small businesses. We’ve always believed costly upgrades shouldn’t be necessary to have a great experience. That’s why Ooma Office can now call you on any phone you already have. It’s also why we’re making expanding your system to support 20 users really easy. Each Base Station can support up to five users and you can link multiple Base Stations to one Office account. Already have a couple but want to add more? Our new Base Stations link up just fine with the ones you already have – no need to waste money buying replacements for equipment that’s in good shape.

We hope this makes it easier for you to stay connected both inside and outside of the office on the devices you already have, while growing with you as your business grows.


Ooma Voted No. 1, Again!

Allow us to humble-brag for a moment. We’re proud to share that Ooma has been voted PCMag’s 2015 VoIP Business Choice winner for the second year in a row! Ooma beat the competition receiving No. 1 scores for overall satisfaction, reliability, and likelihood to recommend. So if you’re considering upgrading your phone system, check out why Ooma is the most recommended and liked of all business VoIP systems.


Why is VoIP Becoming More Popular to Small Businesses?

Small Businesses strive to present a polished appearance to attract and maintain customers. One way to build a professional image is by implementing a sophisticated business telephone system. Often challenged by limited budgets, such a system has traditionally been beyond the reach of small businesses. Fortunately, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has enabled new business phone services such as Ooma Office to emerge and provide a full-featured small business phone service at an affordable price.

Below, you’ll find a summary of the features offered by Ooma Office compared to the nation’s biggest landline providers:

Ooma Office offers more features and a savings of 59% or more over its landline competitors!

A typical small office might have one telephone number and three extensions, a dedicated fax line or credit card processing line, and a conference bridge. Once you factor in the cost of expensive IP phones along with installation and potential activation fees, getting started can come at a big cost.

You can see the average cost of getting started outlined in the chart below. Using the small office use case, you can see the total cost of what you can expect to pay over two years for each of your options.

Taking advantage of the unmatched features with Ooma Office will save your small business money while letting you present a polished appearance to attract and maintain customers.



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What is a Cloud PBX?

Ever wonder what all the buzz is over Cloud or Virtual PBX and why it is important for a small business?

Most of you will think of a PBX (private branch exchange) as a big switchboard to manage calls within an organization. With a traditional PBX, a business will purchase the phone system, attach handsets to the main switchboard through the PBX with lots of phone wires, and go about the business of routing calls – typically by live person. Today, with the Cloud, that has all changed. Ooma Office provides a Cloud PBX, with all the features hosted in the cloud so you can eliminate the big switchboard on your reception desk, complicated set-up and wiring, and even the receptionist.

Virtual PBX

Small businesses benefit from using Ooma Office as their Cloud PBX by creating a big business persona – that is, by giving the impression to callers that your business is much bigger than it actually is. What’s more is the increased productivity Ooma Office brings to a business with a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conference-bridge, virtual fax, music on-hold, and much more. It works with affordable analog phones and no expensive IP phones or equipment required – with no hassle, do-it-yourself installation. Monthly service is equally affordable with service starting at only $19.98 per month!

Want to create a big business persona for your small business?


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Our New Headset Has Serious Range

Headset Image v1We’ve used DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology in a number of our devices – HD2 Handset, Linx, Safety Phone – and today we’re announcing a new DECT headset. What makes us such big fans that we keep tapping into DECT? It has the wireless connection benefits of Bluetooth but with a far greater range. DECT covers the ground of close to half a football field (150 feet), while Bluetooth would limit you to just the end zone (30 feet).

Five times the distance can make a pretty big difference when you need to take a call while staying hands-free multi-tasking in a conference room or watering out in the garden. Starting to see why we’re bringing more DECT-based devices to you?

Our DECT headset helps you stay connected throughout your home or office – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Phone rings while you’re down in the basement doing laundry? Hit the button on the headset to answer. Need to call a client but also head to the copier to get a massive print job going? Use the click-to-call feature in Ooma Office Manager to place the call directly from your headset and then get moving.

The DECT headset can be worn in three ways: hooked on your ear, with a headband or with a neckband. In comes with a charging cradle for easy storage and powering up when not in use.

The DECT headset is now available for $99 on ooma.com. How would you use yours to stay connected?

We’re Now Blocking over 1 Million Telemarketing Calls a Month


We believe your home phone ringing shouldn’t bring a moment of dread anticipating an unwanted sales call, so it’s no surprise to us that blacklisting is Ooma’s most popular Premier feature. As you may know, our Personal Blacklist lets you create your own list of numbers to block, while Community Blacklist blocks tens of thousands of telemarketers reported by other Ooma users. Together, these blacklists are blocking over 1 million calls per month for Premier users!

 But we’re not stopping there! Today we’re bringing you our Expanded Blacklist, blocking calls from more than 800,000 known robo-callers and telemarketers. To activate this new blacklist for your account, head to my.ooma.com.

Not currently a Premier subscriber but loving the idea of keeping pesky telemarketers from reaching you? You can easily upgrade your account to Premier for $9.99 per month on my.ooma.com to get blacklisting and more than 25 additional advanced features (voicemail-to-email forwarding and Instant Second Line are some other favorites).



Can Your Home Call You in an Emergency?

Ooma Nest-Group v2-trans-black teloWe’re guessing that unless your last name is Jetson, your house hasn’t placed a call to you lately. But that’s about to change, thanks to our new partnership with Nest Labs (you’re probably familiar with their innovative Nest Thermostat or Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm).

There are lots of things you might want to know about when you’re not home: if there’s a fire or whether your kids made it home from school okay, for example. During your busy day it’s unlikely that you have time to check in on all these what-if scenarios – that’s where having a house that calls you comes in handy for your peace of mind.

By teaming up with Nest, together we’re making it possible for your house to keep an eye on things and let you know what’s happening. During an Ooma call from your house, you can take immediate action by pressing 1 to contact emergency services local to your home.

This Nest integration is now available to all Ooma Premier customers as part of your existing service. With this new feature, Ooma Telo can:

  • Call you when a Nest Protect smoke or CO alarm is triggered in your home, let you know how long the alarm has been active and give you the option to connect with emergency services using your home phone number to expedite response
  • Use the occupancy sensors in the Nest devices to call you when important activity–like your kids coming home from school or elderly parents getting up in the morning–is not detected within a specified window of time
  • Automatically forward your home phone calls to your cell phone when your Nest Learning Thermostat detects you’re away, and stop forwarding when you’re back

Let us know what you think as you give this new service a whirl to stay connected whenever you’re away from home.

Ooma is Spreading Holiday Cheer with Free Calls to Santa!

This holiday season instead of writing a letter to Santa, you can give him a call! Ooma is spreading good cheer by offering free calls to the North Pole, directly to Santa’s line! Now through December 24th, children of all ages can call Santa and leave a message by dialing 1-844-544-OOMA (1-844-544-6662). You’ll be connected directly to Santa’s voicemail at his workshop. After a very special greeting from Santa, make sure to let him know what presents are on your wish list this year. Santa and his elves listen to all his messages, so if you’ve been good this year he may grant your wishes!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Ooma!

Gotta Fax? Then You’ve Gotta Check Out SureFax From Ooma Office

ooma_surefax_cloud_1The fax machine. Reports of its ultimate extinction in the workplace have circulated for years. However, as long as there are law firms, CPAs, banks and healthcare companies, there will continue to be fax machines. They play a vital part in the secure transmission of legal documents, medical records, mortgage documents, invoices, sales orders and many other key pieces of business material. In fact, for many companies the fax may be the only means of verifying a document has been received and an authentic signature has been produced.

It’s true that the number of physical (or “analog”) fax machines are getting fewer and fewer. More businesses are moving towards digital faxing to save money buying and maintaining hardware. Digital faxing also allows you to send and receive faxes from any computer or mobile device and archive them in the cloud.

So having the flexibility of making analog versus digital faxing in your office has never been more important. At Ooma we’ve been hard at work to let you fax whichever way you want, using our powerful VoIP solution.

So we’re very excited to share that we’re rolling out our new SureFax feature to our Ooma Office customers. What exactly does SureFax do? In a nutshell, it takes your analog faxes and translates them into “VoIP language.” This makes it possible to send and receive faxes over pretty much any high-speed Internet connection.

Ooma Office is now packing more punch – and not just on the faxing front. Have you been stuck in the administrator role fielding requests from employees for basics like call forwarding? We think your time is best spent on the truly administrative tasks like setting up extensions (and we’re willing to bet you do too). Now each phone user can customize their phone experience through our new Ooma Office Manager user portal. To make life easier for users as well, the user portal has a handy click-to-call feature so you can return missed calls by simply clicking the number in your call log.

Today we also added support for toll-free numbers. Whether you want to add a toll-free number for your business or port over an existing one, it’s as easy and affordable as adding any new line to your system.

If you currently have an Ooma Office business phone system, these new features are all available today as part of your existing subscription. Enjoy and let us know what you think! To read the full press release, click here.

Starting a Small Business? Ooma Can Help

When starting a small business, you face many questions and decisions – the location of your office, what kind of computers should you use, what should your logo look like, what kind of phone system should to adopt – and the list goes on and on.

Well, Ooma can help you answer one of those questions.

The goal of our Ooma Office business phone system has always been to give small business owners big business functionality at a fraction of the cost, saving valuable time and money without sacrificing quality and value. We are constantly developing new features not available from any other VoIP providers, without compromising quality for our customers.

That’s why we were recently featured by Software Advice, a leading provider of detailed reviews, comparisons and research for software buyers, in its blog post Our Favorite On-Premise IP-PBX Systems.

Daniel Harris, VoIP and telecom researcher at Software Advice, understands this value completely, writing how “Ooma Office includes the core functionality that a very small business needs from a phone system. Very small businesses don’t end up paying for call center functionality that they don’t need, while they get popular and sophisticated features (e.g. auto attendants, ring groups and conferencing) at an incredibly competitive price.”

So as you start to ponder the many questions surrounding starting your small business, don’t worry about your phone system – leave that up to us at Ooma!

Software Advice is the leading provider of detailed reviews, comparisons, and research for software buyers.