Ooma Service Status

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Ooma Service Status

Postby Bobby B » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:15 am

This post will be continually updated to include the latest Ooma service status information. To be informed of topic changes to this thread, click on the "Subscribe to topic" link in the top left after logging in. You can also follow us on twitter to get real-time updates: http://twitter.com/ooma_status

If Ooma ever experiences an extended service outage or maintenance window, Ooma's support team will update this post with further details. Unless otherwise noted, any times listed below are in the Pacific timezone.

Ooma Service
Status: OK

Ooma Calling Network
Status: OK

Status: OK

Enhanced Features
Status: OK

Web Activation
Status: OK

My Ooma Website
8-20-2014 12:36 PT: My Ooma is occassionally showing an "Inbox is currently unavailable" message. We're currently working on addressing this issue.

Ooma Office
Status: OK

8/15/14 7:55PM: Issue affecting outbound calling has been resolved.

8/15/14 7:40PM: Inbound calling has been restored. We are working on resolving the remaining issue that is affecting outbound calls.

8/15/14 6:45PM: A problem occurred during the maintenance which has caused some failures with inbound and outbound calling. We're currently working on resolving the issue.

8/15/14 6:00PM: Scheduled Maintenance. We will be performing an upgrade of the Ooma Office service starting at 6:00PM Pacific. This upgrade should not have any affect on calling services, however certain features such as call logs and fax logs in Ooma Office Manager may be unavailable over the weekend.

8/12/14 12:30PM: We are performing a database upgrade to enable new features for Ooma Office. This should have no impact on the calling service.

Contact List Syncing
Status: OK

Ooma.com Website
Status: OK

Ooma Support
Status: Unavailable

International Calling
Calling Status: OK

Ooma Forums & Ooma Blog
Status: OK

Note: this post can only be updated by Ooma Support personnel.
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